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Lines. Coloring & Tutorial e-book

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Lines is an art and coloring book for adults and youths, including 32 hand-made illustrations of artist Stefan Große Halbuer. Immerse yourself in a world of detailed drawings, ranging from architecture to science fiction. Relax, relieve stress and enjoy bringing the lines to life using traditional or digital tools, and learn about Stefan's way of constructing intricate color palettes through the guides included in the book.

Guides and Tutorials

Lines includes guides into my way of coloring, divided into three chapters: Understanding the basic terms of coloring, building up your own palettes from scratch, and tips how to daily improve and develop your unique way of coloring.

You'll learn:

  • The most important terms for defining colors
  • Where to start making color palettes
  • Useful contrasts and color combinations
  • Understanding digital color systems
  • Tricks how to treat light and shadows

Looking for a high quality printed copy?

I've got a printed, and a limited Collector's Edition available in my Book Shop! Come over if you'd like a copy - the Digital Edition is included in all printed books for free!

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The "Lines" Art & Coloring Book in the Digital Edition

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Lines. Coloring & Tutorial e-book

6 ratings
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